Muzzle Loading Period Firearms

Oak Arms Ltd Bulgaria, specialise in the manufacture of reproduction muzzleloading guns, producing commissioned pieces to meet the customers specifications. Below are a selection of our previous muzzle loaders please bookmark this page as more items will be added in the near future.

Muzzle Loaders Produced By Oak Arms Ltd:

Doglock Pistol

An example of a Doglock pistol produced by Oak Arms. With a rosewood stock and octagonal barrel this is truly a beautiful pistol.

English Lock Pistols

An example collection of English Lock pistols produced by Oak Arms. In a variety of styles.

Miquelet Lock Blank Firing Pistol

An example of a spanish miquelet lock pistol produced by Oak Arms. Perhaps best described as a mock muzzle loader, this piece was produced as blank firing for use in the musical production of Zoro but didn't make it to the stage due to accidental damage.

Handgonne - War of the roses period

An example of an War of the roses period handgonne produced by Oak Arms. This firearm represents the simplest form of ignition mechanism, the touch lock - a simple hole to which a glowing match is applied, whilst the form of the stock rather than being a straight stick as found on earlier handgonnes, by this period has evolved into a form more familiar to us from modern stocks.

Wheellock Pistols - Blank Firing

A pair of Blank firing Wheellock Pistols produced by Oak Arms. The predecessor of the snaphaunce, the wheellock was the first lock mechanism.

If you are interested in commisioning a muzzle loader from us please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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