English Lock Pistols

These are a selection of English Lock Pistols of various styles previously produced by Oak Arms Ltd.

Fundamentally the English Lock evolved from the snaphaunce in england in the late 16th early 17th century. Some of the earliest English Locks were converted from snaphaunce by removing the frizzen and seperate pan cover and replacing it with the l shaped combined frizzen and pan cover which may have been inspired by the spanish miquelet lock.

If you are interested in an English Lock Pistol Oak Arms Ltd can produce one to suit your requirements. All historic firearms can be provided as as inert, or blank firing - for re-enactment or dress wear - or fully functional for the target shooter. To add a novel dimension to re-enactment we also make historic firearms in paintball variants.

English Lock Pistols - Manufactured by Oak Arms Ltd Bulgaria.

English Lock Pistol - 1

English Lock Pistol Pistol - 2

English Lock Pistol - 3

English Lock Pistol - 4
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