Oak Arms Ltd of Bulgaria - Historic firearms and reproduction muzzleloading gun specialists

Looking for a period muzzle loader / historic firearm, and having difficulty finding exactly what you want?

Why not drop us an email, Oak Arms Ltd have a vast range of experience producing all types of early firearms and arbalettes and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.



Martin the propriertor of Oak Arms Ltd has had a keen interest in projectile weapons all his life. Starting with air guns in his teenage years he soon moved on to produce his first batch of muskets at the age of 21 whilst in the Sealed Knot as a means of arming his unit.

After studying design at York College, Martin a keen historian of the development and design of projectile weapons went on to work as a fire arms technician for halifax museums restoring and refurbishing antique weapons ranging from early period pieces up to WW2 as well as working for and alongside other local historic arms manufacturers.

After the UK pistol ban Martin did extensive research into crossbows (Arbalets) and became particularly interested in stonebows (pelletbows) making many reproductions and contemporary highly accurate target and hunting weapons, to his own designs. He is currently developing prototypes of designs that will bring the stonebow into the 21st century, these will be available in the near future.

Now taking orders for period firearms, muzzleloaders, crossbows, stonebows and historic arms.
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