Doglock Pistol

This beautiful reproduction Doglock Pistol with rosewood stock and hexagonal barrel is a fine example of the period historic firearms produced by Oak Arms Ltd.

The Doglock preceded the 'true' flintlock. Used throughout Europe in the 16oo's, it was favoured in the British and Dutch military. A doglock carbine was the principal weapon of the harquebusier, the most numerous type of cavalry in the armies of the Thirty Years War and English Civil War era. Much like the later flintlock devices it contained the flint, frizzen, and pan, yet had an external catch as a half cock safety, known as the "dog". This added safety to the firearm in that it would not accidentally go off "half-cocked".

If you are interested in a dog lock pistol Oak Arms Ltd can produce one to suit your requirements. All historic firearms can be provided as as inert, or blank firing - for re-enactment or dress wear - or fully functional for the target shooter. To add a novel dimension to re-enactment we also make historic firearms in paintball variants.

Reproduction Doglock Pistol - Manufactured by Oak Arms Ltd Bulgaria.

Dog Lock Pistol - 1

Dog Lock Pistol Pistol - 2

DogLock Pistol Pistol - 3
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