Allin conversion, Trapdoor Springfield .50/70, 1866 2nd Model Allin Conversion, rare two band, carbine.

For sale, Allin conversion in very good condition, mechanically sound with excellent bore. The American Gent I brought it off shot it, the barrel has been re-crowned, but you would have to get it proofed to put it on ticket, I am selling as an antique, obsolete caliber .50/70, The first big fifty, issued to American troops 1866-74, converted from Civil War Springfield rifle muskets for use in the Indian wars and then sold on the civilian market, when replaced by the .45/70. The Big fifty become a favorite of Buffalo hunters including William Cody (Buffalo Bill)

It is long for a carbine 45.5 inch over all, barrel 26.5 inch, the Martini carbine is not included in the sale, it is for scale.

Price £1,100

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